Acting 1

Acting 1 students will learn the fundamentals of basic acting. They will build a solid acting foundation through the study of monologues, commercials, and film scenes. Students will also explore improvisation more thoroughly, learning challenging games and exercises. Acting 1 students also discuss auditions and the importance of first impressions. Actors will complete the level one class with an accelerated sense of self, achieved through both solo work as well as working with others. Whether your child is a social butterfly or on the shy side, he or she will not only gain acting for the camera skills, but also basic public speaking and presentation skills which will prove essential to becoming a successful actor. 

(One Hour Weekly Class)

Acting 2

Acting 2 students in this class have been enrolled for at least one year and will continue to grow and develop the skills obtained in his or her Acting 1 class by expanding their collection of acting materials. They will explore longer and more challenging commercial, monologue, and film scene scripts. Students will have opportunities to improvise more freely, without having instructor prompts or guidelines. Level 2 students will also continue to build confidence through live and filmed performances. 

(One Hour Weekly Class)

Acting 3

Each individual must be invited to join this exclusive class where they will rise to the challenge of tackling material and industry concepts on par with that of more seasoned actors. Instructors will guide the students through prevalent fundamental acting practices, such as how to break down and analyze film, commercial, and audition scripts. Students will utilize the vital direction-taking skills acquired during their Level 1 and 2 classes to complete acting assignments given out in class. More emphasis will be placed on imperative acting skills such as characterization, memorization, and learning to trust your natural instinct. Our instructors will utilize their own vast experience as professional actors to train Level 3 students on professional audition technique. The Acting 3 students will gain a solid perspective of themselves as well as an understanding of the industry. 

(One Hour Weekly Class)

Master Class

This class is by invitation only to students who have been enrolled at AOS for at least 2 years. This class will primarily focus on mastering the audition and booking the job. This class will give students real life professional acting experiences that will help them feel prepared for their next audition or day on set. 

(One And A Half Hour Weekly Class)