Whether your preparing for your next big taped audition or looking to refine your on-camera performance technique, Acting Out Studio, continues to provide you with the highest quality of coaching and excellence in taping services that have been consistently recommended by agents and casting directors across the country!  Our modernized film studio is equipped with the highest filming and editing devices, lighting, and backdrops that will provide the actor and casting director with a submission that upholds our professional reputation, while meeting today's industry standards. Bottom line, our tapes are booking.    

From industrials and webseries to commercials and film, Acting Out Studio takes great pride in helping you submit the highest quality audition taping possible. We offer audition tapings Monday - Friday by appointment. You may email the AOS Front Desk today to schedule your next taping at admin@actingoutstudio.com. Please be sure to give at least 24 hour notice of taping deadline.

Audition Coaching & Taping: $60/hr minimum

Cost includes private coaching, professional editing of your audition, submission to casting site or agent, and a copy for yourself.

To schedule your next taping, please contact our Taping Coordinator Liz Branca at liz@actingoutstudio.com.


Thank you muchly, Ms. Byland! That was the most fun I've had so far filming an audition (I think it turned out the best, too). I will not hesitate to work with you in the future - and YOU have a great weekend, too!

- Keenan, Actor

Kamber -
I just wanted to let you know that Colin got the Tomy Toys commercial.  Please pass it on to Elizabeth and let her know we appreciate her help with the audition tape!

- Todd, AOS Parent

Thanks Elizabeth!

I just downloaded the audition!.  Wow!  You brought the best out of her! I'll let you know if we hear anything.  Otherwise, she will see you this semester for acting class.

Thanks again,

Bridget, AOS Parent

Oh my gosh,  it came out fantastic!!!!  You gave her such fantastic coaching with the taping, and it surely shows in the movie. 

Thank you so much Kamber for making it all work.  I would have never gotten an audition of such great quality taping that on my own.  The coaching was a huge bonus.

-Kelly, AOS Parent

Thank you so much for all your help with the WakeMed taping! Tyson booked the job and from the tape!! His first paying job and he is so excited!!!  Thanks!

- LeeAnn, AOS Student

Thanks so much girl!! Your were freaking great!! I'll never put another audition on film without you...believe that!

- Angelo, Actor


Thank you so much for coaching me this morning. You are such a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with in the future. I will let you know if I land this job. I felt so comfortable and 'in the moment'  by the time we got finished and I loved my take. I am keeping my fingers crossed. You never know what the client is looking for. 

-Linda, Actor

Kamber has been a key partner in Austin's development.  Kamber films and coaches Austin for all auditions and works directly with Austin's manager and LA coaches to equip Austin for each audition.  Kamber's first hand experience in the industry and her close working relationship with industry professionals makes her studio unique in the Charlotte market.   

- Leslie, AOS Parent