5-8yr Musical Theater

5-8yr Musical Theater is designed to introduce singing and movement with acting in a fun and energetic way. Young singers will learn breath control, diction, rhythm, expressive movements, gestures and facial expressions, and performance strategies.

(One Hour Weekly Class)

9-12yr Musical Theater

9-12 Musical Theatre is designed to take musical theatre to the next level. Student will learn the keys and tools to be a true performer. AOS musical theatre performers will experience real life examples of the audition, rehearsal, and show run aspect of a true Broadway Musical. Our students will learn the necessary skills of breath support, movement and vocal strength. Performers will learn the importance of the performer and the level of skill that it takes to sing, act and dance... a triple threat!

(One Hour Weekly Class)

Teen Musical Theater

Teen Musical Theatre is created and designed to foster the needs of a true and dedicated performer. This class will take the skills and push them to the challenge that musical theatre requires of its performers. Teens will be able to go through the entire process that amusements parks, professional venues, television shows, Off- Broadway and Broadway Musicals posses.  Our AOS teens will learn dance, expressive movement, vocal strength and training, as well as acting on an intensive level. Performers will learn all aspects of the Musical Theatre world, from costumes to set design, from auditions to the final curtain.

(One Hour Weekly Class)

Advanced Musical theater

Auditions for the Advanced Musical Theatre Class for Fall 2017/Spring 2018 will be Thursday, August 3rd. Please email logan@actingoutstudio.com to sign up for a time between 5:30pm-8:30pm. You will need to prepare a complete musical piece and a monologue of your choice. 

Musical Theatre Performances

AOS also offers two MUSICAL PERFORMANCES per year, one in winter and one in spring. The winter musical is for ages 12-17 and the spring musical is for 8-12. These shows are by audition only. Rehearsals are at AOS South Charlotte. Visit our Theatre Performance page for more information on musicals and Auditions.

All classes will have featured performances throughout the year as well!
Musical Theatre classes and productions at AOS will be taught by our new Musical Instructor- Logan Stamey! See our "AOS Team" page for more on Logan!

PAst Musical performances

Musical theatre testimonials

Thank you for a wonderful class. McKenna had a blast and learned so much from your class.  She is becoming more comfortable on stage thanks to your guidance and inspiration.  Her performance at the Actees blew all of our family away!   We were so proud!

 -Christie, AOS Parent

Camryn adores you (Logan) and has learned so much in musical theatre.  She has never once complained about going to class or to a practice for one of the plays.  It is actually her favorite part of the week.  Even tech week, when you were there for hours upon hours, she couldn't wait to get there.  She truly loved every minute of it.  You did an amazing job keeping these kids motivated and teaching them to love the musical theatre world.  I have so enjoyed watching Camryn fall in love with something so deeply and it is all thanks to you.  Thank you!!!!  Hope you have a great summer! 

-Mary Ann, AOS Parent