SINgING, Guitar, and piano lessons

Our private singing lessons are taught with care for developing your voice with a focus on resonance breath control, intonation, and development of vocal range. Our vocal coach individualizes the lessons to the need and experience level of the student. Each private lesson will be comprised of both technique as well as application to a song in order to prepare the student for our annual vocal performance. Singing students will perform in multiple singing recitals throughout the year.

Our piano lessons are a modern musical approach that takes into account the history of the instrument and how it’s applicable in music of today. Development of connecting your inner voice to the instrument is an essential aspect that will be paired along with technique and hand independence. Understanding and being able to read notated music is combined with the skill of listening ‘breaking down’ what’s heard in popular songs. Every lesson will fit each individual accordingly to what their aspirations are and where they are in their growth. Piano students will be prepared to play with confidence in a variety of settings including planned recitals.

The guitar lessons at Acting Out Studio are done with the intent of building a fluid musician who is capable of expressing themselves on the instrument. Different styles will be explored and blended with the ability to comprehend the variety of guitar notation allowing each student to feel comfortable handling the guitar. Students will learn proper technique and various positions as to be at ease in different settings while readying themselves to demonstrate their craft in organized recitals and gatherings.

 30 Min & 1 Hour Lessons Available

30 Min Lesson: $35 | Hour Lesson: $60

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