AOS offers Talent Inc. our intensive development program. This prestigious program is by audition only and is designed to develop new and advanced actors by taking them to the next level and getting them ready to audition, book jobs, and get representation. Talent Inc. is 40 Hours of intensive training with AOS Owner Kamber Hejlik at AOS and culminates with the Talent Inc. Showcase in Orlando which takes place in March and Aug. Not only does AOS intensively train our actors, we consult our parents on breaking into the business of acting and are with them every step of the way. 

Here are the Facts:

AOS has attended Talent Inc. 14 times since 2011

AOS have won 18 overall awards - at least 1 at each event

95% AOS Talent Inc. Actors are represented by talent agents in The Southeast, LA and New York

consultations | find out if talent inc. is right for you

Talent Inc. Consultations Include:

·      In Depth Information on Breaking into the Business of Acting

·      Setting up Personalized Acting Goals

·      Where to Get Professional Headshots

·      How To Set Up a Professional Resume

·      What Classes Would Be Best For You

·      Setting Up & Making The Most of Acting Sites

·      Finding Your Own Auditions

·      The Importance of Acting Reels & Where To Shoot

·      Marketing Yourself As An Actor

·      Information About Local & National Talent Agents and Managers

·      Preparing For Agency Interviews

·      Talent Agency Placement

·      The Benefit Of Spending Time in NY or LA to Audition

aos talent inc. cast | what to expect

Talent Inc. Training Training Includes:

·      Scene & Commercial Study

·      Monologues

·      Improv

·      Audition Technique

·      Interview Skills

·      Runway

·      Photo Movement

·      Audition Taping

·      Listening & Reacting

·      Memorization

·      Characterization

·      Making Strong, Unique Choices

·      Industry Awareness

AOS Talent Inc. Actors have been on films and TV show such as:

Baby Driver, Bad Mom’s Christmas, Father Figures, Kilroy Was Here, Same Kind of Different as Me, Cold in July, Trumbo, Insidious: The Last Key, Wish Man, Allegiant Part 1 ,Twilight, Bad Grandpa, Cobra Kai, Dark Waters, Modern Family, The Mindy Project, Fresh off the Boat, Vampire Diaries, Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn, The Thundermans, Mighty Med, Austin and Ally, School of Rock, Dark Waters, Homeland, The Mentalist, Vice Principals, Blood Relatives, Mr. Mercedes, The Affair, Sleepy Hollow, Outcast, Turn, Good Behavior, Supernatural, and many more.