Workshops are offered to Acting Out students monthly. We feel the students learn so much from workshops. These are additional to our curriculum. 

Casting Director Workshops, The Audition Process, Booking the Job, Acting for the Camera, Breaking into the Business, The Art of the Audition Upload, The Biz of Acting, Resume Building, SpeedReels, Improvisation, Monologue Technique, and Scene Study.

Industry professionals from LA, NYC and beyond come in to teach.




"Acting Out Studio has its "act" together! I very much enjoy my visits there because Kamber and her staff have created an environment that truly nurtures young actors. And, wow, they've got some talent there. If you're anywhere near Charlotte and you want to raise your acting game, It's a no brainer. Acting Out is the place to be."  

 -John D'Aquino - Los Angeles Actor, Teacher, Consultant


I wanted to thank Paige and Mitzi for the great workshops this weekend. As a new actor, it was wonderful to get feedback and advice from these talented ladies. I learned so much about "being the solution" and being prepared. My current career  in health care is a world of black and white issues.  I was delighted when Mitzi said, "Use your imagination about your scene, your character and the moment before." I will be confidently in the moment (thank you, Paige).  I left the weekend feeling commercials and film are something I can do and do well. Now just need an agent!! Thank you again for two great classes. I will gladly recommend the classes to other students.

- Lauree, AOS Student

Sutton loved the commercial audition workshop she attended last Saturday with Paige. She is new to the audition process, but she has a deep passion for acting.  The workshop was a great learning experience and she has a better understanding what casting directors are looking for and ways to stand out.  Sutton gained insight, confidence and had fun all at the same time.  She is ready to "rock" her next audition!!

- Amanda, AOS Parent

General: I like to have fun but stay on track in workshops.  Mitzi and Paige make the workshops fun but disciplined and the information is easy to understand.  They are incredibly nice but treat us like professionals and aren’t afraid to tell give us “real” feedback and ideas to improve our acting.  I also like the small size of the groups.  I felt really happy after work I did at the workshops and would DEFINITELY take more workshops with them.

Paige: Paige has a great sense of humor and is so friendly.  We laughed a lot and had fun but we still stayed focused on learning.  I took a workshop with Paige about a year ago but still learned many new things.  Three pieces of advice that I will remember especially:  1) Casting Directors don’t hire people just because they have the sides memorized (so concentrate more on being the character and staying natural and less worrying about making a mistake on a word or two) and 2) "mess up/make up" (it’s okay to improvise a bit) and 3) don’t apologize if you make a mistake … just keep going.

Mitzi:  Mitzi is so encouraging and friendly and funny AND professional.  Her advice is really helpful and none of it is boring.  I learned about “substituting” for short scripts and it helped me to just let go and get in to the character.  

-Ivan, AOS Student


Hi, this is Jacob Schudt from Acting Out Studio, and I'd just like to say that I loved the workshops! I participated in both of them and learned a ton of things about auditions from each. Especially important things, like how to prepare for both commercial and film auditions, and how to really become the character from the moment you walk in the door. Both Paige and Mitzi were extremely kind and helpful, and it really helped make it a comfortable place to act! I'll definitely consider doing it again next time!

- Jacob, AOS Student

The C&J workshops completely topped my expectations. Both the commercial and film workshop provided time for Mitzi and Paige as casting directors to give individual feedback on how to perfect your performance. They provided tons of tips, advice, and "need to know" information. I left the workshops feeling like I was told multiple little secret about how to stand out in this very competitive industry... secrets most actors are never told.  I am a million times more confident when auditioning and more professional now knowing what tiny mistakes can throw off my audition. I am

with Acting Out Studio and I give the workshops five stars and will recommend them to anyone who wants in on the "secrets".

-Frannie, AOS Student

'I attended C & J's commercial and film workshops and Loved them both!  I have gone on several auditions.  Now I have a better understanding of what might help me stand out to the casting director and book the job! My favorite tip from the commercial workshop was that if I don't have to say the exact lines for it to work.  This might help me stand out from the other actors.  I will go back again for another of their workshops!'

-Ellie, AOS Student