Private Singing Lessons | STANDING OUT WITH MUSIC


Our private Singing lessons are taught with care for developing your voice with a focus on resonance breath control, intonation, and development of vocal range. Our vocal coach individualizes the lessons to the need and experience level of the student. Each private lesson will be comprised of both technique as well as application to a song in order to prepare the student for our annual vocal performance. Singing students will perform in multiple singing recitals throughout the year.

 30 Min & 1 Hour Lessons Available

Please Call (704) 246-7118 or E-mail For More Info



Joanna is the BEST!  Her ability to work with young children (in our case) is phenomenal!  Bridgette continually looks forward to her singing lessons each week and gets so excited during performances.  Joanna really takes the time to get to know her students.  Through her guidance, Bridgette has gained confidence to share her love of singing at talent shows and sporting events.  It's quite amazing to hear Bridgette grow vocally; credit given to Joanna and her expertise!

- Rachel, AOS parent