Carolina Talent attended the first fashion show conducted by Acting Out Studio. The show was a great way for Carolina Talent to see new up and coming models that have been working with Acting Out Studio. The models ranged from young kids to teens to young adults. The models that walked in this show all showed great potential for the industry. It was clear that all the models in the show had been trained to do the show. All the models in the show represented themselves and Acting Out Studio well.

- Marc Soper, Agent, Carolina Talent

On the behalf of Charlotte Seen we attended the Acting out Studio Fashion Show and found it to be very professional and organized. At Charlotte Seen we are always looking for new models, singers and performers to be involved in Charlotte Fashion Week and when we saw the Acting Out Studio Fashion Show we scouting and found talent to be involved in our shows..  We welcome Acting Out Studio students to our shows and delightfully encourage them to live their dream.

- Rita Miles, Charlotte Seen


I am so impressed with Acting Out Studio and the work Kamber and her instructors do. It’s clear the environment is productive, benefecial, and fun! A very positive atmosphere for all ages.

- Kecia Michelle  /  JTA Talent Agency Director


Acting Out Studio has impressed me tremendously in the past few years with the quality of their programming and the success of their students. Their training, by a staff of actual working actors, benefits the beginner and the seasoned actor in the audition process. When holding an audition at C&J Casting, I'm happy when I see a student of Acting Out walk in to the audition room, as I know they will be professional and prepared.

- Paige Johnston Thomas  /  C & J Casting


As the owner of a talent agency it is very important that we have great resources to give to our actors.  My agency always recommends Acting Out  as one of the great studios for gaining the proper training for auditions.  Kamber always has a positive and encouraging approach to bring out the best in each actor.

 - Scott Cooper  /  Evolution Talent Agency Owner


My experience with Kamber as an agency owner is that she works with her students to develop and enhance their acting skills and uses a comprehensive program in order to broaden their horizons in the industry.  They are prepared to land roles.  She is a truly caring person and wants them to succeed and they do.

- LuAnne Bernier  /  Monarch Talent Agency Owner


Acting Out Studio is one of our preferred acting training centers. Our actors that train with Kamber gain valuable information and go on to even bigger jobs. We are proud to refer people to Acting Out Studio.

- Matthew Gonzalez  /  Talent INC

Acting out Studio is top notch! Gray Studios has never and will never guest teach at another facility because the quality of acting out is like no other. Real connections, real training and the only way to get the knowledge you need to take it to the next level! We truly believe this is the best studio in the South! Kamber and her team rock!!

- Shanelle Gray  /  Owner Gray Studios LA, OC, TN & GA



Ivan and I continue to be awed by the support and education we have both received from Acting Out Studio in the last 1 1/2 years.  Despite Ivan’s passion and aptitude for acting, we both agree that he would not be in LA right now without everything Acting Out Studio has gifted him with.  The classes, workshops, coaching and “extras” like THE ACTEES have been incredible.  But even more important has been the emotional support and encouragement that everyone at AOS has generously provided.  I’ll second Ivan’s statement that you genuinely care for your students beyond any mere business relationship. 

You’ve supported us through our beginnings in the acting industry and we will truly NEVER forget the role that everyone at AOS has played in helping Ivan pursue his acting career. 

I know that Ivan is proud that he is representing AOS well in LA and has given credit to his training at every opportunity he gets.  I can’t wait to share more of our adventure with you and we so look forward to celebrating more of Ivan’s success with you.  And we look forward to celebrating more of Acting Out Studio’s growth and success, too.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you have done for us.

With Love and Immense Gratitude,

Lynn & Ivan

Just quick thank you to Acting Out for the coaching and of course the amazing Talent Inc 2015 experience. Griffin has been working for the past 6 weeks on THE WEEK OF-  Adam Sandler's new Netflix feature.  He was cast as JEDDY and has had the good fortune to work along side Adam, Chris Rock and Steve Buscemi -- and too many other amazing cast members to even mention!!

If it weren't for ACTING OUT and Talent Inc, Griffin may not have had this chance to live out his dream this summer. Thanks again and wishing you best of everything for your family and Acting Out Studio. 

-Kathy, AOS Parent

Madison started at AOS in June of 2012.  She was quiet, reserved and a little insecure, but knew that acting was something that she was interested in and wanted to try.  What AOS, but more importantly, the people of AOS, have done to mold Madison into the actor she is becoming is amazing.  She has come so far, learned so much, faced many challenges and that is thanks to AOS.  Kamber has been a mentor for Madison and someone Madison looks up to in so many ways, not just for acting.  Kamber truly cares about every single person at the studio and wants them to be successful.  Kamber has dreams of her own, but will never lose sight of the fact that every student she has, has the same dream.  Thanks AOS for all that you do.  You are growing into a phenomenal studio, expanding in so many ways, and still remain focused on the individual"

- Kris, AOS Parent


Thank you so much! That will mean so much to her. She loves acting AND Acting Out so much. I am always amazed when I think back to what she was like when she first started at Acting Out. She really has come so far. Thank you to all that you are doing to help her on this journey!!!

- Adrienne, AOS Parent

Where do I start ?  Let's say I am a  Pediatrician turned     Actor/Lifestyle model in my 30s now. AOS played a huge role in that and it  is an absolutely amazing place to start . I learn a lot since I have joined them in 2013. Their guidance is amazing - for both kids and Adults pursuing acting.I walked in thinking I was too old for this and the confidence and knowledge about this industry they have built in me is phenomenal. It was a North to South journey in everything for me in my transformation . But I feel I made it , just by knowing a lot of "How to - s"  .  I totally recommend AOS and in fact my patients /kids who were interested in acting , were guided by me to join AOS and they are very happy with Kamber and all the instructors. It's a very healthy , happy, confidence building , professional yet personable environment creating perfect building blocks  for everyone who wants to enter this competitive /stressful industry .  I know I can count on them for an advice ,  even when I am confused and blindfolded  before I give an audition.

-Satya, AOS Student 

Good Morning Kamber!

I just wanted to thank you for giving your all to the students.  This morning I was thinking about all you are doing to help your students really get an good understanding of what being an actor is.  When I found out that you had hired a real makeup artist to do the film for your advanced students, I was so impressed!  Not only is Kate getting great experience in theater and film, but the makeup was over the top! 

My first experience of the Film Festival was really neat but I really didn't understand why you go to such great lengths for just your students.  The more I learn, the more I see how much you love what you do and the importance of having IMDB credits is huge and will only place Kate and your other students ahead of the rest the more they can put on their resume.  And you bring in the best workshops from the business for those of us who want to help our kids sharpen their skills.  Thank you for working with me with the workshops so Kate can attend these.  Because of that, I was able to see the importance of attending these workshops.

This morning I feel like the Lord showed me your passion for helping your kids achieve their goals and become the best they can be.  I am embarrassed that I am just now sending this to you.  Please forgive my ignorance in not taking the time to really thank you before!  Kate loves you and acting and I know that she will be successful in whatever the Lord has for her!

Thank you again!


I am so thankful I found your studio!! Tyson had his lesson with Elizabeth today and it was fantastic! She had so much great advice and tips before we leave for New York. If he is lucky enough to book anything this summer it will all be due to the time he has spent with you and your staff!! I only wished I had found you sooner

Charlotte is so lucky to have you!

Thanks so much!

- LeeAnne Edwards, AOS Parent


Just wanted thank you for your time in replying to my emails and being very supportive in what I am trying to accomplish . I think AOS is phenomenal in showing direction and educating what actors need to know . Whether actors/ students take it seriously pursue and learn or not, it's up to them , I am sure.  I need one of those stickers for AOS so I can proudly put it on my car!

- Satya, AOS Student


Thank you so much!  She loves acting AND Acting Out so much.  I am always amazed when I think back to what she was like when she first started at Acting Out. She really has come so far. Thank you to all that you are doing to help her on this journey!!!

- Adrienne, AOS Parent

I wanted you to know that I think that Acting Out is an incredible organization. I have been involved with MANY organizations through the years both with work and with my four very active children. You are top notch. The service and attention you give to each of your customers is amazing. Your instructors teach with energy and make class fun every week. You are so great about communicating with customers and keeping us informed as to what is going on at all times. All of our friends and family that attended Annie Jr yesterday were VERY complimentary about you and Acting Out.

I just wanted you to know how happy we are and how much we love Acting Out.

- Suzie, AOS Parent

When I saw (my daughter) on stage yesterday, my heart just melted for her (for all those kids!) and I just wanted to thank you for being in Charlotte and for having  such wonderful instructors.  Sarah… just BEAMED confidence all the way home in the car. I just wanted to let you know how appreciated you are. I am watching my daughter grow in so many ways. So glad we found your studio!

- Kim, AOS Parent

Kamber’s class is different from any other class in town . . . It’s more than just play acting . . . Kamber actually gets the kids ready for the acting industry by teaching them how to audition with real monologues and commercial scenes.  It’s not all business though -- the kids also get to play games to learn improvisation skills, all the while having so much fun they don’t even realize they’re working!

- Kari, AOS Parent


Can I tell you what Maleiya said as we left the Scrooge cast party tonight? With this huge smile on her face she told me, "This was better than those gymnastics team parties where I had to keep saying, 'I can't have that.'"

I was nervous about her name being used in the all cast e-mail about her food allergies, but in the end everything worked out so fabulously. No one said anything to her about her allergy that upset her. It especially thrilled us to no end that so many worked to include her in their purchases tonight. It made her feel included and welcome. Something she hasn't felt in a long time. From the Hershey bar, the cupcakes and the director's gifts, Maleiya and I are so thankful.

We appreciate all the efforts to keep her safe with her food allergy and feeling included. It was a great Christmas present.

- Kerrie, AOS Parent

Hi Kamber,

Just wanted to send a quick e-mail to tell you that Kayleigh loves Elizabeth!  Great hire.

Hope all is well,

-Bridget, AOS Parent

Thank you so much for all of your help and support in preparing Elyn for the NYC market!  Elyn has worked with Carly, Trinity, Shawn and most recently Elizabeth.  She absolutely LOVES her acting coaches!  Watching her in auditions and go sees has been awesome!  You guys truly prepared her for what she would experience here in New York and her confidence is through the roof!  Thanks again and we'll see you in the winter!

-Cindy, AOS Parent

I first came to AOS 2 years ago and since then I have grown as an actor and have learned to be more confident. Kamber and the entire team do an amazing job to keep all the students up-to-date on what is happening in the industry and what skills are vital to learn. I am forever grateful to AOS.

-Denise, AOS Student

Hi Kamber and All of the Acting Out Staff!

Emily, Jessi and I had a fantastic time at the Film Festival last night!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the endless time, tremendous effort, and hard work by everyone to make this event a wonderful experience! Being our first Film Festival, I was a little unsure of what to expect and was amazingly surprised!! Emily continued to talk about the different films and fun she had even as we drove to school this morning!

Thank you ALL very much for your dedication to your craft as well as your students!! You are ALL very appreciated!!!

Amazed at all you do,

- Catherine, AOS Parent

Acting Out has helped me tremendously.  Four years ago when I first went to Atlanta to audition for a t.v. show i wasn't as outgoing and enthusiastic as I am now.  Also I wasn't as experienced as I am now.  Since I started Acting Out I have became more confident and now I feel like I can take on any audition that comes my way.  I want to thank Acting Out and Ms. Kamber for getting me ready for these experiences. 

- Morgan, AOS Student

My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed Kamber’s class.  She has been interested in acting for a long time, and this class has been just what she needed. She has learned so much and can’t wait to go each week.  Kamber makes each class so fun the kids don’t even know they are learning.

-Kelley, AOS Parent

I just wanted to say that I think you do a great job teaching. You give constructive criticism to us "newbies" without making us feel bad. You are a wealth of knowledge and I love the way you want to help us get agents and tell us how to make it. I guess that is the role of a teacher but you are so sweet to do it. I can see how confident you are when you give your slate, I hope to be there one day!

The girls are loving the classes and learning  so much. I love to hear them talk about it with such excitement!

Last night when I said I was thinking it was going to be more of an acting class, like in theatre, that was in no way a complaint. It was just a comment that popped into my head and came right out. I hope it didn't sound like a complaint! It is just so different than I had expected. I had never considered auditioning for commercials before! I would love to get into modeling and always wanted to but have been too busy having children and taking care of them and always thought I was too old after about age 22! I am almost 42 so I am a good ways past that! I also have about 10 extra pounds that are not going anywhere. I used to never have to worry about that, I was always skinny 'til I hit 40!

See you Thursday with the girls for that make up class.

Thanks for all you do,

- Emilie, AOS Parent

As I laid in bed last night I reflected on the past year of my joining AOS. I came to you so hesitant and unsure about myself, yet so desiring to succeed as an actor. Kamber in this past year you have taughtme so much- I have learned to be more confident, how to think about moments before and after, and how to make my character real. Yesterday was the icing on the cake. You allowed each one of us to truly experiencewhat the filming process is like. The entire day my heart was full of joy as I drank in all that was happening. Kamber, thank you. I can't say it enough.

Thank you for opening your home to us and for all you do. I am truly grateful.

- Denise , AOS Student

Hi Kamber and All of the Acting Out Staff!

Emily, Jessi and I had a fantastic time at the Film Festival last night!! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the endless time, tremendous effort, and hard work by everyone to make this event a wonderful experience! Being our first Film Festival, I was a little unsure of what to expect and was amazingly surprised!! Emily continued to talk about the different films and fun she had even as we drove to school this morning!

Thank you ALL very much for your dedication to your craft as well as your students!! You are ALL very appreciated!!!

Amazed at all you do,

- Catherine, AOS Parent


Thank you for everything so far . AOS Rocks and You are A M A Z I N G.... :)...A blessing to many many actors who are looking for a direction in their lives. Everything you had suggested and directed ME has only worked for my benefit and that's undebatable :)

Thank you !

- Satya, AOS Student


I was so blessed by you today. Thank you a millions times over for the workshop. I don't know if you realize what an amazing blessing you are to so many people. To have a resource that a person can trust in the industry is huge.

I will book a role one of these days and I will be sure to shout your name from the mountain tops!!!!

- Denise, AOS Student


Tonight was sooo enjoyable!  I cannot believe the talent!  After this being our second experience with the Actees and seeing many of these kids in last year's showcase (and in Talent Inc. and the film festival,) I was amazed by the growth in acting ability across the board.  Kudos to you for developing them so far!  The boys stood out so strongly this year too!  Looking forward to tomorrow.

- Bridget, AOS Parent

For what it's worth I need to sing Elizabeth's praises at AOS.  She was so awesome at working Shiloh in on a short notice.  During Shiloh's taping she was so good with her. You could tell she really has a gift with working with the little ones. Shiloh had a blast and especially loved that Elizabeth gave her stickers and candy for being such a good client.  We can't wait to work with her again. 

Thank You,

- Rebecca Neely, AOS Parent