The Truth About Talent Inc.




We've covered how to get work when you're unrepresented, but in looking forward to Tuesday's open auditions for the March Talent Inc. cast, it seemed fitting to point out and discuss another tool to help get you out there. You guessed it: Talent Inc. 

To those who who are only acquainted with the program, or perhaps even those who have participated, Talent Inc. may seem like any other talent showcase. Young talents prepare songs, dances, monologues, whatever their specialty, and perform for their parents, teachers, and the parents and teachers of other performers. That's it, right? Wrong! Talent Inc. is so much more than your typical A-for-effort type show. 


Talent Inc. first of all, is more than the annual showcase. Defined by its website, "Talent Inc. is an international scouting and development company with offices in the United States, Toronto Canada, and London England." Their mission is to find, evaluate, and develop the talent of tomorrow. Enter showcase. The showcases are a tool to help casting directors and other talent programs find young talent with massive potential, while helping those participants get discovered and learn about the industry, which is also why the showcases include multiple workshops and classes for participants. Starting to sound like more than a talent show now?

Acting Out Studio has been participating in the program for years, holding auditions (like the ones this Tuesday) to pick out and train the best of the best in the studio to show off their skills at the National Showcase in front of potential managers and agencies. So if you really want to get discovered, show off your talent and audition for the Talent Inc. cast. 

For more info on the Talent Inc. program, visit Contact the studio for more information on Tuesday's auditions.

Written by Katherine Rhoden/ October 28, 2016