Want to do better at school or work? Try Acting!

Panic! Fear! Sweat!

Do you remember feeling panic when selected to go to the classroom’s board to answer a question to which you were uncertain of the answer? Was there ever a time when you were afraid to chime in with a correct response, for fear of being wrong?  Can you still feel the hot flash that rises up through your body, and do you recall the lack of equilibrium when your pulse increases while your confidence decreases?

These experiences have happened to nearly everyone at one point or another, either in class, during our school years, or into adulthood, during career presentations or public speaking engagements. Many spiritual gurus have proclaimed to hold the key to conquering these fears, and many self-help professionals have offered seminars, courses, or books that offer answers. However, there are ways to begin to face these feelings without shaving your head or spending a fortune. The best difference: this way is incredibly FUN!

 Favorable Statistics 

Exploring performing arts is a great way to build confidence, learn teamwork, and achieve more. With a tremendous amount of options, there’s something for every interest: dancing, singing, acting, improv, and more. Each one offers its own unique blend of challenges and rewards

According to the American Alliance for Theater and Education, the benefits include:

  • Students involved in drama performance coursework or experience outscored non-arts students on SATs by an average of 65 points in the verbal component and 34 points in the math component
  • Drama activities improve reading comprehension, and both verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Drama helps to improve school attendance and reduce high school dropout rates
  • Drama can improve skills and academic performance in children and youth with learning disabilities

Building Confidence 

Even if you are not on a career path for performing arts, the ability to express creativity and build confidence can help with any career goals and life-skills.  Denise Simon, a well-respected acting coach, offered further insight in this Backstage article, where she offered that students can gain both self-trust and teamwork skills, in addition a sense of pride leads successful goal creation and achievement. 

Most public and private schools offer a variety of classes or programs geared towards the performing arts. In addition, most cities have studios and business with similar programs. Here in Charlotte, NC, Acting Out Studio offers a wealth of great classes and camps with concentrations in acting, singing, improv, filmmaking, and modeling.  Our classes are for all age groups and abilities, and we have students who are exploring the arts for fun and some on a performing career path, In both instances, AOS has helped students get cast on professional projects, as well as improve school performance, overcome anxiety, and simply express themselves.

Written by Ryan Serey / August 10, 2016 

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