Handling Rejection... Time After Time




Your palms are sweating. Do you remember your lines? Oh gosh, this shirt... you should have worn the green one. Oh no... they called your name. Here goes. You go in... "Hey, how's it going"... They stare... you perform your monologue... "Thanks for having me"... WHEW! You're done! 

As nerve-wracking as any audition is, the hard part is waiting to find out if they even liked you, which, let's face it, isn't often unless you're Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling. What's worse is that you typically have no control of the casting team's decisions, because more often than not the final cut isn't based on talent, but rather appearance, character resemblance, etc. So how do you handle getting rejected so much? Or even more so, how do you keep your children from throwing in the towel when THEY get rejected?


For child actors especially, who may not understand that they simply didn't fit the mold of the character the casting director had envisioned, these rejections can be particularly hurtful. And trust us, it happens to everyone. New York City acting coach Denise Simon explains how to keep your kid's head up when they're turned down. Her tips:

  • Make auditioning fun- They'll be doing it all the time. Why not make it enjoyable? Then getting the job is just "icing on the cake."
  • Be real with them- Make sure you're realistic with your kids about the odds of landing a gig.
  • Tell them talent isn't everything- Again, the final cut isn't usually solely based on your kid's talent. Making sue they know this helps them accept the rejection a little more. 
  • Celebrate the little things- Even getting through an audition is a success, booking or not. Encourage your child and get excited about the little accomplishments!
  • Don't put all your eggs in one basket- Make sure your kid is invested in other things besides acting too... just in case. 


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Written by Katherine Rhoden / September 2, 2016