Using social media to help your acting career




Looking ahead to our Breaking Into the Biz workshops in October, we're offering extra tips for you to jumpstart your acting career that your drama teacher may have not mentioned. One tip that often goes unsaid, use social media to your advantage.

There are probably some things on everyone's Facebook timeline that they're not too proud of... maybe an inappropriate joke or a political rant. Regardless of the nature of the post (or posts!), you may want to clean up your timeline a bit before your next audition. Here's why.

According to casting director Benton Whitley, casting directors often look at your social media profiles and check out your personality and work (and those rants) long before you step into the audition room. Scary, right? Don't fear. Whitley offers his tips for using your social media to boost your acting career. (You can watch the full video above).

  • Have an online presence- Something is better than nothing. Make sure you're visible to your industry acquaintances to seem more involved. Whether you keep personal and professional accounts separate or use the same accounts for everything, having a presence that represents you positively is essential.
  • Keep your posts appropriate and positive- Like any employer, casting directors don't want to hire someone that regularly engages in illegal activity. But they also don't want to hire a jerk. Be careful with criticisms within the industry... you never know who may see your dis of an actor or a performance. 
  • Keep your posts up to date- Casting directors are often looking at your social media profiles to get an idea of who you are as an actor, so if the last video of you in character was from your school play five years ago, that doesn't do a very good job of representing you now. 

For more tips on how to break into the business of acting, stay tuned for more blogs or register for one of our Breaking Into the Biz workshops with Acting Out Studio owner Kamber Hejlik, offered one day at each of our three locations. Click here for more information or to register!

Written by Katherine Rhoden / September 30, 2016