Why Actors Should Travel


Hope you all haven't enjoyed our little blog break too much! Getting back in the full swing of the fall season can be challenging, so we took a little breather from the blog. But now it's back and we're going to talk about a topic I've very recently become passionate about: travel! Side note, lots of pictures in this one because... well.... who doesn't love travel pictures?!


As an actor, you're probably overwhelmingly busy with auditions, jobs, side jobs, classes, and rehearsals. Your budget is tight, you're tired, and even those most exciting auditions feel like a chore at times. But just like you make those auditions a priority still, there's something else you should make a priority: travel. Yes it can be expensive, yes it can require some time and planning, but there are a few reasons why seeing the world should be on your to do list. 

  1. Traveling gives you a break- This one is pretty much self explanatory. Everybody needs a break, even actors. Don't be afraid to take a little vacation. You'll come back refreshed and revived, ready for your next big gig. 
  2. You gain new perspectives- If you are given a script where you have to portray a character whose experiences are far from your own, how do you speak? How do you feel? Traveling can help you meet new people and experience new cultures that will help you develop new perspectives to channel in your acting... and in life in general! Reconnecting with humanity can make all the difference in your acting.
  3. You become a storyteller- Whether you're chatting with other travelers or sharing your adventures over a cup of coffee with your mom, traveling makes you a story teller, and isn't that what acting is all about? Traveling can help you hone your own craft of storytelling, but also allow you to experience the stories of other people and cultures as well. 

Always be on the lookout for new places to put on your bucket list and GO FOR IT. You never know what people you'll meet and what experiences you'll have. What places are on your bucket list? Let us know!

Written by Katherine White / October 20, 2017