So Your Valentine is an Actor




With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you're probably panicking over what to get that special actor in your life (no, not your celebrity crush, the special actor you've actually met). What could you possibly get someone so talented and so in touch with their emotions to show them how important they are to you?! It's a (sorta) common dilemma, don't panic. I'm here to tell you the top five gifts for your actor valentine, guaranteed to earn you a Casablanca-class kiss. 

  1.  Movies- Why do you think your loved one became an actor in the first place?! All actors love movies, as entertainment and as inspiration. If you're feeling extra romantic, pick an old classic romance and watch it together.
  2. Anything Inspirational- Actors get told no a lot. Have you seen all those inspirational quotes painted on canvases? What about those mugs that say something like "I can do today"? Your actor will appreciate something that can lift their spirits when times are tough and the auditions aren't going well.
  3. Tickets to a Show- If your actor is more influenced by the theatre, tickets to the community play could make for the perfect gift and an even better date night. Season passes to the theatre are even better if you want to splurge on your valentine!
  4. A Screenplay- This one's pretty risky, but if you've got the time and creativity (or if you're short on cash) this one takes the red velvet cake! Write your special actor a screenplay. Maybe make it about the two of you and your relationship, or just start from scratch on an original romantic comedy. Be creative!
  5. Acting Classes- Actors never stop learning, and acting classes are the best place to do that. Buy your loved one a month (or more) of acting classes to show that you support their dream! Acting Out Studio is a great place to start! Go to our Register tab to get started.

Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day!

Written by Katherine White / February 10, 2017