Spring Cleaning for Actors




Now that it's officially Spring, you're probably working hard to clean out your garage, maybe purge on some clothes in your closet, but what about cleaning up your career? As you've probably figured out by now, being an actor takes a lot of maintenance and evaluation —cleaning, if you will, just like a room in your house or perhaps your garage. You need to purge bad habits just like you fill up a yard sale bag of junk, and you need to organize and refresh what you have left. Make sense?

Backstage published an article with a similar concept, you can read it here. Their 5 suggestions of how to apply Spring Cleaning to your acting career are:

1. Look forward and don’t dwell on what didn’t happen.

2. Research new representation if you feel that you could be better represented. Don’t point any fingers, but rather figure out a constructive game plan.

3. Stay in the “know” about all the shows that may be picked up, and read up on those shows that say are in the bubble for a pick up. Figure out which show may lend itself as a match for your “type.”

4. Take a class and find your acting guru.

5. Refresh your headshot: Consult with your photographer and consider how the photo will look as a thumbnail online. You need to pop smaller as well as bigger.

These are all great ways to clean up your career, but there's even more you can do to improve. 

  • Update your profiles- Actor's Access, Backstage, Now Casting... when's the last time you updated those? Post that new headshot and make sure your resume is up to date. You'll never get booked if casting directors are looking at an 8-year-old version of your 18-year-old self without any experience outside of that grade school play.
  • Purge your bad habits- Some bad habits can be detrimental to actors. Procrastinating can mean that audition tape isn't as good as it should be or all the audition spots are filled before you sign up. Negativity can lead to you getting down on yourself when you don't get a part. Identify your bad habits and dump them like last season's shoes.
  • Don't be intimidated- Just like a super full garage, acting opportunities can be pretty scary to face. Have confidence and take the risks. You'll never know where you'll find (totally found a litter of kittens in our full garage once. Seriously. You can find awesome things.)

What are you doing to clean up your career this Spring?

Written by Katherine White / April 20, 2017