Tips From A Teen




Lots of people probably give you acting advice, whether it be your parents, your teachers, or those famous folks we bring in for workshops. All of those tips are super valid, especially coming from a trained professional, but sometimes it helps to get some advice from someone, well, like you! More often than not, the tips you're getting come from sources older and wiser, and getting the advice from someone perhaps closer to your age and more on your skill level can have its benefits too. 

Searching the web for acting tips videos for this week's video blog, I stumbled upon a fresh face in the realm of acting tip videos, Rachel @actingislitmylife, an aspiring actress with real relatable advice. This college teen discusses loads of relatable topics that your acting instructors may not always think to talk about, like how to balance acting and school, acting with acne, and even going behind the scenes of her school and community productions, all in a super fun and easy to understand way. She even does occasional Q&A videos to answer your questions!

Check out some of her videos here, or explore her channel on YouTube!

Hope you enjoy!

Written by Katherine White / April 7, 2017