Summer Side Gigs


Summer is here, which means that the kids are out of school, people are shelling out loads of cash to go on their family vacations, and overall the economy is booming, right? If you're like most of the U.S., summer hurts your wallet more than any other season. Have you ever considered that maybe having a summer job isn't just for teenagers anymore? As an actor, especially, seeing as pilot season feels sooooo far away, you may feel like the summer is a good time to pick up an extra gig. If you're in need of some extra cash, check out these 10 best 'survival jobs,' brought to you by Backstage, to help you pay your bills 'till your next booking. 

  1. Temp work- Temp office work means free night and flexibility to make all those auditions you'll be booking.
  2.  Personal trainer/ fitness instructor- You're a fit actor right? Consider teaching yoga or personal training. Be aware though, you'll need to put in some dough to get certified first!
  3. Dog walker- Puppers are the best. Getting paid to hang out with them would be awesome. Plus it's a good way to network with people in your area!
  4. Nanny/babysitter- Kids are fun and can help you flex your imagination muscle. Plus you can practice lines or update your resume after you put them to bed! *Bonus points for finding a family with kids AND dogs for extra fun and extra cash.
  5. Promo work/modeling- Why not put those headshots to good use? Companies can choose you to model or be the pretty face that passes out their flyers.
  6. Personal Assistant- Another great way to network if you can swallow your pride and do someone else's chores!
  7. Real estate broker- Commission? Yes, please. Once you get your license and get in with a company, this can be a really great side job.
  8. Catering- Are you a good cook? Make hourly pay plus tips for staring your own catering business!
  9. Tutoring- Never thought you'd be doing algebra again? Think again! Or if you've completely forgotten everything you learned in school, consider "tutoring" in acting, which would look great on your resume too.
  10. Video editor- Help your actor friends with their video auditions and demo reel for a fun and relevant side gig.

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These great summer jobs are perfect for padding your wallet in between acting gigs all year long!  Just remember to keep up with your auditions and acting classes in the meantime. What other ways are you making money this summer?

Written by Katherine White / July 14, 2017