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This exclusive class will be assembled BY AUDITION to make a feature length film. This is a Friday night class that will meet for rehearsals and equipment training throughout the fall, and shoot on weekends in the Spring.  

**Audition Only**
*Audition Date- Sunday August 14, 2016- 12PM-6PM

If you cannot make the August 14th date, additional auditions will be scheduled for Wednesday, August 17th. 

This class is a YEAR LONG COMMITMENT. Please be prepared to commit full time if you choose to join the class. It is treated like a professional film set, which means long hours, weekends working, and sometimes overnight shoots depending on the script development. 

E-mail to get more information or schedule an audition. 


The AOS Film Festival class is an introductory course to how to make films. These classes, which are offered at all three locations, focus on a hands on student experience that allows them to use professional film equipment while directing, writing, and acting in their own movies. These student made short films will shoot in the fall months and edit during the Spring, culminating in an end of the year premiere for parents and friends to attend! 

13-Adult (Unless Parental Approval Given for 10-12)

Breakdown- Masterpieces of Cinema/Film Theory is an academic discipline that aims to explore the essence of the cinema and provides conceptual frameworks for understanding film's relationship to reality, the other arts, individual viewers, and society at large.

Using, as a loose guide, the American Film Institute’s 100 Films 100 Years list released to commemorate the 100 greatest films of all time, the Masterpieces of Cinema class will view historically regarded selections from film genres from the golden age of cinema until modern day, including but not exclusive to The 1920s, Hollywood’s Golden Age, Film Noir, Post War, American New Wave, French New Wave, Blockbusters, Teen Angst, and Indie Cinema.

In class, we will view some of the most popular films ever made and dissect their origins, shot compositions, genres, and Director styles. Weekly, a parental guide will be sent to parents to advice what type of content the film has for said week.

**20 Person Max** 


The cast of aos film festival original 'late'

The cast of aos film festival original 'late'

Congratulations to 2014/2015 AOS Feature Film


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