Our experience at Talent Inc. was in one word Amazing.  Going into the event I was a little stressed not knowing exactly what to expect.  But my fears were put to rest knowing that our director Elizabeth (EB) Byland from Acting Out Studio would be with us every step of the way.  Our days were all laid out for us times, places & what to wear all we had to do was show up and be ready.   I felt like it was an open door for agents to see Savannah and what she could do and that may not have happened had we not attended Talent Inc.  Savannah received callbacks from several agents from all over LA, ATL, NY, FL, ect… 

The event was professionally run and the staff were extremely kind and helpful.  To watch your child get on a stage, perform in front of agents & peers AND take away all that knowledge & experience is priceless.  Savannah definitely learned a lot from her time in Orlando (so did I) and it’s fun to watch her continue to grow & pursue her passion.  

If Acting or Modeling is truly something you are passionate about I highly recommend attending Talent Inc.  

-Brandi, AOS Parent


Talent Inc. was such an incredible experience for my daughter. From the classes and preparation beforehand to the actual event itself, it was fun, well organized and the teacher's at AOS made sure she was well-prepared for the event. My daughter's confidence has grown leaps and bounds and she now has real world experience in the acting world that will help prepare her for making the jump from acting student to a professional. Everyone at the event was super supportive and inclusive and made sure the event was fun for everyone. My daughter's passion for the industry is as strong as ever after our trip to Talent Inc.

- Brooke, AOS Parent

Thank you Talent Inc.! Everyone knows that the percentages of successfully "breaking into the entertainment business" are low. But, because of the tireless efforts of Scott Cooper and his hard working Talent Inc. staff, those percentages have significantly increased for my daughter. After an educational and informative workshop day from industry specialists, the Talent Inc. performers spent the next two days wowing the enthusiastic crowd. The Acting Out group was obviously prepared and ready to showcase their various gifts thanks to Kamber Hejlik and her qualified training and development crew. The atmosphere was electric and uplifting to performers and parents alike. My 12 yr. old came away with renewed confidence, lifelong friendships and an unmatched determination to continue her journey of pursuing her dreams. This convention is a gift to anyone who is thinking about making a career out of their talent ambitions!

-Laura, AOS Parent

Talent Inc. has been a ton of fun so far! I've learned so much from just the development classes! The event itself has taught me even more, and hopefully gotten me into a great career! Thanks so much, Acting Out Studio. Kamber and everyone else there are so helpful and understanding. Can't wait to do this again next year! 

 - Jacob, AOS Student

Just quick thank you to Acting Out for the coaching and of course the amazing Talent Inc 2015 experience. Griffin has been working for the past 6 weeks on THE WEEK OF-  Adam Sandler's new Netflix feature.  He was cast as JEDDY and has had the good fortune to work along side Adam, Chris Rock and Steve Buscemi -- and too many other amazing cast members to even mention!!

If it weren't for ACTING OUT and Talent Inc, Griffin may not have had this chance to live out his dream this summer. Thanks again and wishing you best of everything for your family and Acting Out Studio. 

-Kathy, AOS Parent

Thanks for all you do!  We thoroughly enjoyed Talent Inc.   It was such a great experience for all of us!  We feel very blessed to have found you and your studio…. You guys have definitely made our transition here with Evan wonderful…. Not sure what we would have done without you.  I can feel the passion that you all have for your craft and helping others.  It really shows.  So, thank you so much again! 

-Stacy, AOS Parent

After seeing Jack perform last weekend, I said to him, maybe you should take improv!  The main reason my husband and I wanted him to do Talent Inc. was to see how he performed, and what level his seriousness is about acting.  I was so impressed with the whole event, and how well our AOS students performed!  Kamber, you and the rest of the staff did an amazing job preparing them!  

-Susan, AOS Parent

After being at Talent Inc., I am so impressed with the training available at Acting Out! Thanks, Kamber, Trinity, Patrick and Tomeka! 

-Kerrie, AOS Parent

Thank you Acting Out Studio for preparing Riley for Talent INC! She loved it! Of course winning Overall Talent made her weekend. All the credit goes to Acting Out Studio for helping her on her journey to become an amazing actress!!!

- Ruby, AOS Parent