About the actees

The Actees is AOS' end of the year showcase performed for family, friends, and Charlotte's premiere talent agents, casting directors, and industry professionals. The prestigious showcase is offered once a year. Come showcase your talent at The Actees!

This year's Actees will be held May 18-20, 2018 at Pease Auditorium in Charlotte, NC

The Actees Testimonials

"Thank you for the encouraging group email of all the compliments received about the Actees. I wanted to add my compliments and congrats on a job well done as well. Becca wouldn't let me read the script or tell me what her class was doing. I very much enjoyed the group original story that had twists and turns to it. I thought for a 15 minute story, the group did fantastic at building suspense, characterization, and creating a believable plotline. I sat in the 3rd row and all around me people were pulling out tissues and crying! (including me). That's pretty good for a 15 min story with no set, costumes and props! Their acting touched people .Last summer, Becca had a very multi-faceted, 4 pieces audition for a girl who tried to commit suicide for a feature film to bring awareness to the issue and she couldn't quite get the crying thing without lots of help. This year the whole class was able to cry at that end scene and I was really proud of her for how she grew as an actress. I really enjoyed the other acts to. I liked original collaborative scripts that several groups did. The improv groups were outstanding. Thank you also for putting these groups together and the adult groups at a different time. I brought younger sibs last year to the Actees and the adult stuff left us explaining some things. I didn't bring the sibs this time for that reason, and found this one to be very family friendly and wished I brought the family. I am also glad the whole audience stayed to the end and that you guys made that so clear how much that meant to the actors. Thank you for a great evening. You and your instructors do a great job with these students. I know you all must be tired out from all the effort over the weekend. So, while you are recovering and thinking of the little things that didn't go quite right, wanted to let you know how much went right and how great it was" -Amy, AOS Parent